Why You Should Not Do Estate Planning Alone

It is natural to look for ways to cut costs everywhere you can. However, when setting up your estate plan, you will likely save substantial money in the long run by hiring an experienced attorney to help you. Besides that, you will save your family a great deal of frustration.

From our office in Coral Gables, Florida, Miguelez Law helps people with all their estate planning needs. Attorney Emmanuel Miguelez’s legal skill will provide you a plan that meets all your requirements, is customized to suit you and gives you and your family financial security.

Why You Should Not Do Estate Planning Alone

Some people are tempted to try to do their own estate plan in order to avoid legal fees. This is almost always a mistake. Florida probate law sets out specific rules for the creation and execution of wills, trusts and other documents. An error could force the probate judge to invalidate your will. Your valuables may not end up going to the people you want them to. Even if you have a relatively modest estate, having an estate plan that you know is valid will save your family time and money during the probate phase.

A Cost-Saving Investment In Your Family’s Well-Being

As your lawyer, Mr. Miguelez will carefully tailor your estate plan to suit your family’s individual needs. He will help your estate avoid probate and estate taxes as much as possible. Instead, your loved ones will receive the maximum value for your assets. Mr. Miguelez has proven himself in the Miami-area community to provide conscientious, cost-effective estate planning services.

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