Signs Of Lack Of Capacity

It is painful to see a parent who raised you become mentally infirm and unable to take care of their affairs anymore. But you do not have to sit by helplessly. Instead, talk to attorney Emmanuel Miguelez of Miguelez Law about establishing guardianship over your parent. From our office in Coral Gables, Florida, we assist people throughout South Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Warning Signs Of Lack Of Capacity

It is not always clear if an elderly adult has lost substantial mental capacity and money management skills, or is merely experiencing occasional memory lapses due to the normal effects of aging. Possible signs that a person has lost capacity to make financial and medical decisions for themselves include:

  • Trouble understanding information given to them about the decision
  • Inability to retain information about the decision
  • Difficulty weighing important details about the decision
  • Inability to communicate their decision, either orally, in writing or by other means

Of course, proving diminished capacity requires a medical diagnosis of dementia or mental illness. We will consult with doctors and psychiatrists to establish a clear diagnosis of your relative and clearly determine whether he or she is in cognitive decline and legally eligible for guardianship protection.

Treating Your Family Issues With Tact

Unless the person you are seeking guardianship over consents, the process could be contentious. We will provide firm advocacy for you, while also respecting how sensitive this matter may be for yourself and your loved ones.

Talk To A Lawyer About Guardianships

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