• Grandson seeks to become the legal guardian of his incapacitated grandmother, who owns several real properties as Joint Tenants by the Entireties with her now deceased husband. Years prior, the grandmother created defects in title to all her real properties, when she inadvertently executed and recorded several affidavits with the County, affirming she is not currently married and never was married to her late husband. My office conducted a thorough investigation both in Miami-Dade and in South Carolina where the grandmother and her husband resided prior to relocating to Miami. Marriage Licenses were never issued in South Carolina nor in Florida, therefore they were never legally married. Nonetheless, our office maximized the grandmother’s (ward) assets, avoiding the need to open an Estate for the ward’s deceased husband when we successfully argued and proved that a common-law marriage existed between the ward and the decedent and thus preserved the properties’ original Joint Tenants by the Entireties status.
  • Non-resident father of three minor children, whose wife died wrongfully while on a cruise ship, needed court approval for a settlement with the subject defendants. My office successfully navigated the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) (46 U.S.C. app. §§ 761-768), to ensure that the settlement was approved in accordance with the Guardian ad Litem’s report and in best interests of the father and minor children.
  • A surviving husband comes to our office seeking advice regarding a Waiver of his Elective Share rights, Homestead rights, and his right to a family allowance pursuant to Florida law. Said Waiver was provided to him by his deceased spouse’s adult sons from a previous marriage. Limited by his inability to speak and understand the English language, the surviving husband was at the cusp of signing the subject Waiver which would have effectively foreclosed on his rights as a surviving spouse in Florida. Fortunately, he came to our firm at a fortuitous time, as we proceeded to successfully negotiate a favorable settlement for our client, and preserved his Elective Share right, Homestead rights, and his right to a family allowance in accordance with Florida law.
  • Our office has successfully and efficiently obtained court approval on numerous multi-million-dollar wrongful death and personal injury settlements, both for minors and incapacitated adults.
  • Represented numerous clients, both domestic and foreign, in their estate planning needs. Including but not limited to basic estate planning, asset protection, and business succession.

What Clients and Referring Attorneys Say

“When I met Emmanuel, I was instantly treated like a friend and not just a potential client. Emmanuel told me not to worry . . . Within a few days, I received a call from Emmanuel, not someone from his firm, [and in] my second meeting I was blown away by the work and effort he put into my estate planning in such a short amount of time. I couldn’t be more pleased with his knowledge and . . . the service he provided.”

“Manny Miguelez is one of the most knowledgeable probate, guardianship and estate planning attorneys I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has not only helped me with getting my estate plan in order, he has also helped a few of my family members. [H]e will treat every client with the same respect and professionalism but has the knowledge to know that their needs are very different. Whether your needs are simple or extremely complicated I would whole heartedly recommend Manny Miguelez.”

“Manny has earned a strong reputation for efficiently and passionately advocating for his clients. His attention to detail truly sets him apart. I endorse this lawyer and have recommended him to friends and family.”